A little about myself...

I am a lover of light and love! 

I craft from behind my lens and use natural lighting to create blissful images that have a beautiful cohesive organic nature to them. With a calming and graceful quality I capture the essence of who you are.

Over the course of the last 10 years my goal a photographer has been to create heirloom images that are as lovely as the people in them.

I'm in love with my best friend who happens to be a

dreamy magical Magician.

We share the love of our 2 adorable babies. 

Always in love, always in search of adventures. 

Currently based in

New York City.

Read more about who I am below...

As a little girl I'd dream of love and adventures. I'd dream and play of innocent grassy games, but little did I know of the changing times to come

 as my happy little world would soon be torn to pieces.
Losing my mother at the age of six forced me to face the harsh cruelties of this world at a very young age.

I remember sitting there and wondering why?

I'd sit there in loneliness. Longing for love. Longing for something. Longing for hope and for better times to come. I convinced myself that she sailed away in to the shimmering stars above. I convinced myself that her light would always shine upon me no matter how I was feeling.

One day I discovered a box filled with her love and it brought me that hope I'd been searching for. A box filled with her everlasting memories. A box filled with her love for me to see. Hundreds of Polaroids, for me to keep. I'd sit there amazed at her beauty, her smile, her love.

As time healed pain, I learned to dream and love again.

I learned to love myself unconditionally, to dream of infinite possibilities. To dream of adventure.
A tender starry night brought to me the greatest love. A gentle soul, the kind you truly dream of. A gentleman, a magical sort of fellow. I know it was her. She brought him to me. He swept me off my delicate stand. He taught me adventure, he loved me with everything.

We traveled, from Islands to towers, from beaches to cities and so we lived off our love for one another.

We lived of our endearment for bringing joy through art. Magic and pictures filled our life.

Together we shared an unbreakable promise.

Shimmering rays of sunshine brought to us a baby girl, then a baby boy.

With love and happiness we sail. It all fills my heart. I cry of happiness. I can't believe this happened to me.

Imagining any other infinite possibility I can't.

As I sit here typing I think of all the pain, of all the sorrow left behind. I wish I could tell that little girl I once knew that everything would turn out in a happily ever after! I'm so grateful for my three loves and their magical gleaming lights.

It was so hard, but I never gave up, I never lost that hope.



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